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Get a Construction Loan for a Perfect Plot of Land

November 1, 2018

If you are looking to purchase land to build on, there are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration that will greatly impact the overall cost of the project and in turn, the profitability of it. Choosing the right kind of loan can be a big factor in determining the success of the venture. Construction loans can be a great option for building, but there are some things to know ahead of time. Let’s look at some ways to make your build as profitable as possible, and why construction loans may be a great option.

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Choosing Land

Choosing a great piece of land is an important part of building a home because in the end, the location is the only thing you can’t change about your new home. Making a smart decision when selecting a piece of land can have a huge impact on the overall success of the project.

Whether you are building a home for yourself, or purchasing land to build on and sell for a profit, location is everything. In addition to location it’s also important to consider the terrain of the land. Does it have level land? Are there major hills that might cause a problem? These things can impact the resale value of the home in the long run.

Securing Financing

Once you’ve found the perfect piece of land you will want to act fast, which can be a challenge if you don’t have all of the funds available for your build. By applying for a construction loan you can move quickly on the land and begin the building process, while giving yourself some time to look further into mortgaging options.

Construction Loans Are Specialy Designed for This

A construction, or self-build loan, is a short term loan used to secure funding for a build. This loan must be transferred or paid off at the conclusion of the build, as it is short term. If you are looking to quickly secure land and begin building, a construction loan can be a great option for you, whether you plan to occupy the house yourself, or sell it upon completion.

Financing the building of or purchasing of a house can be overwhelming and confusing. To learn more about your financing options call us at Maryland Private Mortgage today. We’d love to discuss your situation with you and answer any questions you may have. We specialize in construction loans in Baltimore and its surrounding areas and we are here to help you get the financing you need. Call us today!

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