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Looking for a quick turnaround on a hard money loan? Look no further than the experts at Maryland Private Mortgage.

Maryland Private Mortgage is the local, leading Howard County, MD hard money lender. We have the experience, efficiency, and common sense terms to make a deal happen for you!

Your Local Hard Money Lender in Howard County

Maryland Private Mortgage has served this community for countless years. We work hard to help you become successful with your purchasing deal and aim to make our end of the process quick, simple, and as efficient as possible. The cities in Howard County, MD we work in include, but are not limited to:

Why Choose Maryland Private Mortgage?

With all the available hard money lenders in Howard County, why choose Maryland Private Mortgage? We think it boils down to these main aspects of our service:

We Have Experience to Help You Succeed

In our 60+ years of business we’ve funded over 1,000 projects. We’ve assisted countless real estate investors with their Maryland hard money loans and can aid you as well. In our years of service to the Maryland community we’ve learned a lot and our aim is to help make you successful with that knowledge.

One of the Quickest Turnarounds

Time is money. Maryland Private Mortgage makes it a priority to provide you the fastest turnaround in the industry. Most of our hard money loans close within 7 business days.

A Name You Can Trust

We’ve been a top Maryland hard money lender for a long time. Half a decade actually. In that time, we’ve originated over $46,000,000 in RehabMax loans for residential investment properties.

No Strings Attached

Searching for the right hard money lender is no small task. We know it because we’ve been there. That’s why we made steps to simplify the process. All of our loans are either no-doc or “doc-lite”, which equates to one of the simplest hard money loan applications in Maryland.

If you have any questions regarding the private money loan process, don’t hesitate to give us a call today at 410-661-8300 or see if you qualify for a loan today with our online pre-qualification tool.

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