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Are you a contractor looking to fix a home? Are you looking for a quick turnaround hard money loan? Look no further than the Maryland hard money lending experts at Maryland Private Mortgage.

We Have Experience to Help You Succeed

We’ve learned a couple of things in our over 60 years of business, and have funded over 1,000 projects. We’ve assisted countless real estate investors with their Clarksville, MD hard money loans and can aid you as well. Think of us not as just a lender, but as a resource as well.

One of the Quickest Turnarounds

We’ve all heard the phrase, time is money. It’s for this reason, Maryland Private Mortgage has made it a priority to provide the fastest turnaround on your Clarksville, Maryland private money loan possible. Most of our loans close within 7 business days.

A Name You Can Trust

With over half a century’s worth of experience in the lending industry, we’ve built up a reputation. We’ve been a top Maryland hard money lender for a long time, giving out over $46,000,000 in loans for residential investment properties.

As a member of the American Association of Private Lenders, we hold ourselves to both high quality and ethical standards. We believe our reputation precedes us, as one of Clarksville, MD’s most trusted private money lenders.

No Strings Attached

When looking for a hard money loan in Clarksville, MD, it can get mighty confusing. We make it an objective to simplify the process by offering the best loan for you with the smallest amount of paperwork possible. All of our loans are either no-doc or “doc-lite”, which equates to one of the simplest Clarksville, MD private money loan applications in the country.

If you have any questions regarding the private money loan process, don’t hesitate to give us a call today at 410-661-8300 or see if you qualify for a loan today with our online pre-qualification tool.

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