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Maryland Private Mortgage is your trusted partner for private lending and hard money for your next rehab project. We are Baltimore’s leading rehab loan lender, providing the fastest and most efficient solutions in private money lending for investors, rehabbers, and landlords

What are Rehab Loans?

A rehab loan is used primarily in the fixing up or “rehabilitation” of a home or building. These types of loans are used by businesses, contractors, commercial investors, or anyone looking to fix-up a house or building and then resell it—usually within the same year.

Typically, a Baltimore City rehab loan borrower will seek to borrow more hard money than the home is purchased for. The value of the loan will be determined based off of the value of the home or property once fixed up. This allows rehab loan borrowers to purchase a property and then rehab it to sell it for a profit.

Our Rehab Loan Process

Here at Maryland Private Mortgage, we do not have a one size fits all mentality. When it comes to rehab loans in Maryland, if we can make your deal work—we will. As a first step in our process, be sure to read through our FAQ and Loan terms in order to understand what is required to receive a rehab loan. Then, all you need to do is complete our rehab loan application form online.

Once you’re approved for a loan with Maryland Private Mortgage, we’ll get in touch with you to narrow down all of the details of the loan. Our usual turnaround time for closings in 10 business days. If you’d like, you can always call us with any questions you may have along the way.

Why Choose Maryland Private Mortgage?

You have a unique rehab opportunity and want to take advantage of it quickly and without any hiccups. Here at Maryland Private Mortgage, we have over 50 years of experience in rehab investor lending. Needless to say, we know the hard money and rehab loan industry.

This means we know exactly how to get you the rehab loan you need for your upcoming flip. By working with someone who has the experience, you will limit the amount of hiccups in the process so you can move onto your next project quickly.

We’ve helped hundreds of other investors, just like you. Our success depends on your success! Use the link to below to apply for a rehab loan right now!

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